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Chapter One - Memories

The sea was the only thing that had always been there for her, Lilanna, captain of The Gold Trident, thought to herself as her ship neared land. Watching the waves rock against the side of the ship, she was at peace; A rare occurrence for a woman of her occupation.

“Captain, we will reach Port Greenock within the hour.” the stern voice of her first mate, Artus, spoke from behind her.

“Six years.” Lilanna said, startling Artus. She hadn't spoken anymore than necessary for days, not sharing what was plaguing her mind, just ordering the crew towards Asolle, her home country. “It's been six years since I've been home. I've heard my step-mother re-married.”

“Yes, Lady Claudelle has married into the Nardelli family.” Artus informed her, watching her closely from behind.

“And now Bryar is getting married.” Lilanna sighed, turning to face her first mate.

“Oh!” Artus allowed his shock to show, “Is that why we're returning to Asolle?”

“I can't exactly refuse an invitation to the royal wedding, now can I?” she looked up to the sky, “I suppose I should be happy, he hasn't forgotten me”

Artus was about to speak when Charlie came running from the ship's kitchen, “Cap'n! It's time to get changed.” the green haired woman insisted, “You wouldn't want to greet your family dressed as you are.” she gestured to Lilanna's outfit, a loose white shirt belted at the waist, ragged black leggings and a pair of standard black boots. Nothing special.

“I'm a pirate captain, Charlie, I doubt Claudelle will care about my outfit, she's so ashamed of me.” Lilanna laughed, her faded blue eyes meeting Charlie's green, “I certainly have no intentions of impressing the court.”

“I wasn't talking about Lady Claudelle, and you should know it.” Charlie scolding. Having been friends since infancy, Charlie was the only one aboard who could speak so easily with their captain, “I meant Bryar. Whatever happened in the past between you, happened. It's time to move on, he's family.”

“Oh, Charlie...” Lilanna smiled, shaking her head at her dear friend, “Fine, what should I wear to impress Bryar then?”

Walking the winding pathway that lead to her childhood home was strange for Lilanna. The gardens that lined the cobbled path had been redone, there were no longer any of her old favorite flowers, now the pathways had a red and white color-scheme, contrasting with the memory of multicolor snap dragons and wildflowers.

Even stranger than the walkway was the foyer; The family portraits were gone, there were now screens along the walls. Thankfully the busts of her mother and father remained, were they gone Lilanna would have raised hell.

“Well, well. If it isn't my crook of a step-daughter.” Lady Claudelle scoffed, entering the foyer.

“Claudelle.” Lilanna greeted coldly in return, “I see you redecorated.”

“It seems even that couldn't get rid of your presence fully.” Lady Claudelle returned. “Now if only I could get into that room of yours.”

Lilanna smirked, “I'd never give you the key.”

When Lilanna's father passed, he had left her almost his entire fortune, locked away in a chest kept in the then young girl's room. The key, along with the key to Lilanna's room, were kept from Claudelle.

“We'll see.” Claudelle turned to leave the room, “We'll leave for the palace in an hour. Be ready.”

“Of course.”

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This seems to be an interesting start. :)


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