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 I decided to start a Legacy challenge, and share it as I go along. I've never gotten past the second generation before, so hopefully I'll be able to make it to the end this 

This is Lynnette Paden, the founder for this legacy. She's a Pisces and a Knowledge sim, who's turned on by glasses and blonde hair, and isn't too into Zombies.

There are over 50 pictures after the cut.

Lynnette moves into the brand new Legacy house! After building and furnishing, she's left with only 77 simoleons.

Being a Knowledge sim, she of course wants a bookshelf, telescope, and to get working in a career.

Considering her LTW, she's planning on going into the science field.

She sold off Mr Humble's computer, so that she could buy a bookshelf, and so she'd last a bit longer before getting a job.

Lynnette's keeping herself occupied.

Gahhh, I love this dog already.

The welcome wagon arrived. None of them look like potential spouses yet. Lynnette likes blondes after all.

I'm gonna need to work on her cooking skill...

I rolled a die for Lynnette's secondary aspiration, and rolled Popularity.

The gypsy showed up. Hopefully I won't need her services though.

Aparently talking to Regina he Gypsy is more enjoyable than getting a leftover sandwich.

Gotta love how Knowledge sims are with their skilling.

Toaster pastry for breakfast with no fire! So far, so good!

No luck on the job search yet again. Hopefully a charming townie will wander past to make life interesting.

First bills. Thankfully they're only $72.

A neighbor, Sandy Bruty, tried to pass by. Lynnette was bored enough to say hello.

The evening stays rather mundane, ending day 2.

This day started out perfectly! Science career, here we come!

Now that she has a job, these days should fly by!

Nothing else happened, so onto day 4!

Second day of work, Lynnette gets a promotion.

With her promotion bonus, I bought her a chess table. She needs those logic points for work.

Thankfully, she also has fun practicing chess.

Looks like she does not wanna go to work today.

She's finally getting out of being super broke!

Nothing interesting has happened in a few days now, other than getting robbed, which I didn't get a picture of.

He took my bookshelf, both of my chairs, and my chess table! :( So first thing, I bought a burglar alarm.

While Lynnette was at work, I updated the house a bit. She's back to being pretty broke, but her house looks nicer.

Now she gets to practice chess inside!

While waiting for the carpool to work, she built a snowman.

Finally! Blonde townie!

Finally, blondie helped her get enough friends for another promotion.

Aha! Another one! And this one is better looking, IMO.
Nothing happened for several days...

She maxed out Logic finally!

Another promotion... 

Mwahaha, ACR, I love you.

I need a friggin heir, before Lynnette is too old to have kids!

This showed up, could be useful!

I keep her busy skilling.

Pop number one! I don't know if she'll have more than one kid, so this may be the only possible heir for this generation.

I added on a nursery for the baby.

Hmm, maybe I will end up with more than one baby in this generation.

Phil, Lynnette's boyfriend is now moved in. Now that he's part of the family, I rolled his secondary aspiration, which ended up as Family. I forgot to snap a picture of that.

Pop number 2!

I made Phil over a bit, so he'll have glasses.

They're engaged now. They skill together regularly.

Here comes the baby!

Meet Rozelle Paden! It looks like she got her Father's eyes.

Phil just got fired, so I figure I ought to cheer him up a bit. Besides, another baby could be fun! (Also, Lynnette got promoted again)

I think she's pregnant again.

Roz has been a very peaceful baby. It probably helps that Phil has become a stay at home dad...

First pop for baby number two.
That's all for this update. Hopefully I'll be able to play some more in the coming days and progress this legacy to the second generation.


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