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This is my new journal where I plan to share Sims related things!

To start off, I have a pretty simple Policy:
  • No paysites!
  • Please give credit, whether by mentioning my name, or linking back here to my page.
  • I'd love to see anything using my creations! Please, if you can, send me a link to check it out!
That's everything. I'm not too picky otherwise.

Hopefully I'll get posting more interesting things on here soon!
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 I decided to start a Legacy challenge, and share it as I go along. I've never gotten past the second generation before, so hopefully I'll be able to make it to the end this 

This is Lynnette Paden, the founder for this legacy. She's a Pisces and a Knowledge sim, who's turned on by glasses and blonde hair, and isn't too into Zombies.

There are over 50 pictures after the cut.

If this is love, I don't wanna be loved )
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I entered the Good Genes Challenge over at GoS this month, and this is my first run through/entry:

More below the cut.

Stay out of the light, or the photograph that I gave you... )
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Chapter One - Memories

Dear memories, where'd you go? You were all I've ever known... )
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I kind of keep forgetting I have this blog, and since I have made things since I shared my Andy-sim!

My friends all lie and say, they only want the best wishes for me )
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I've been working on this Sim for a long, long time now, and now that I'm mostly happy with him, I've decided to share him!

Read more... )

Please don't claim sim as your own, enter in contests, or use as a base for a sim to enter into a contest.



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